1.What is the PUROCLEEN?
PUROCLEEN is an international professional wet wipe brand dedicated to the research and development, design and production of wet wipes. With 99.99% pure water as the core, it is a cost-effective wet wipe brand that creates high-value, high-safety and high-quality wet wipes
2.What are High Security Wipes?
* * * The ingredients of PUROCLEEN wipes are few and free alcohol .Fewer Ingredients Means SAFER,No fragrance, No preservatives, Non-irritating and Allergy-Proof, Passed the Hypoallergenic Test of Asthma Allergy Nordic.
* * * We've Found the Balance to Have Double the Cleansing Power While Still Being Well Hydrated.Safer and No Stimulation, By the Closer to the PH Value of Skin, More Comfortable for Daily Use.
3.What are High Quality Wipes?
* * * A national professional factory(sterile, fully automated production workshops) that has received several professional investments to ensure every square metre is clean and sterile, multiple steps of cleaning phase to ensure that dust and germ is absolutely kept out.
* * * Each pack of PUROCLEEN wet wipes must undergo multiple inspections before leaving the factory to ensure that each pack of wet wipes produced can be used by customers with confidence.
4.When is the expiry date?
The expiry date for the PUROCLEEN wipe is two years from the manufacturing date.
After opening, the wipes will generally be good to use within three months. This is because any longer than that, the moisture in the wipes may dry up. Remember to always seal your wipes back after each use.
5.How long can i keep it without opening it?
You may keep the wipes as long as you need until the expiry date. Please store it between 15- 30 degree and away from direct sunlight, this is to prevent the wipes from drying out faster than usual.
6.About delivery
Within 48 hours after receiving the customer's order, we will arrange to send it out. It is expected to arrive in about 10-15 days after the order is issued. During the epidemic period, the time will be extended, please wait patiently
7. Why do baby wipes try not to be scented?
A common use for baby wipes is to wipe the bottom of a baby after going to the toilet to help remove dirt. Some parents like to buy wet wipes that leave fragrance after wiping according to their own preferences, but often the fragrance in baby wipes comes from the essence. For babies with sensitive constitutions, this may be one of the causes of allergies. It is more appropriate for babies to choose fragrance-free wipes.
8. Can baby hand and mouth wipes clean the inside of the baby's mouth?
In fact, baby hand and mouth wet wipes are just a classification concept of the business. In essence, compared with ordinary wet wipes, the requirements on preservatives and ingredients are milder and less irritating. The mucous membrane in the baby's mouth is sensitive. After all, wet wipes are not special oral cleaning products. There is no 100% guarantee whether the ingredients will enter through the mouth and affect the baby's body. Therefore, it is not recommended to use wet wipes to wipe the baby's teeth and mouth. It is best to use water or special baby oral cleaning products.
9. Why can't the wipes be flushed into the toilet?
While we all like to call wet wipes wet wipes, they're not made from paper and are not made from wood pulp. Looking at the packaging bag of wet wipes, we can see that the main raw material is non-woven fabric, which is a kind of high-polymer fiber material, which is characterized by good flexibility and is not easy to be pulled and broken. Good non-woven fabrics are soft in texture, not easy to fluff and flocculate, and are suitable for being used as wet wipes for cleaning.
However, due to the characteristics of non-woven fabrics, they are more flexible than paper towels, can store water, are not easily dissolved in water, and are relatively thick, so they cannot be flushed directly into the toilet. Flushing directly into the toilet will risk clogging the sewer, and the UK currently has the intention to ban such non-degradable wipes.